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About Eastern European Mission

Founded in 1961, Eastern European Mission (EEM) is a non-profit organization providing Bibles and Christian literature to individuals and organizations in the increasingly more heterogeneous European territory. Our goal is to increase the knowledge of God’s Word and encourage development of Christian faith and values. Although historically our focus has been on Central and Eastern Europe, we have recently expanded our operations to Greece to meet the demand for Bibles from this area.

pic-about1The materials we offer are available completely free of charge and are not intended for commercial purposes. Our mission is to make the Bible and Christian literature available to as many as possible and to this end the work of our organization is supported by benevolent donations of individuals from around the world.

EEM is a ministry of churches of Christ. If you find our materials helpful and would like to help us continue providing free biblical literature, please contribute here. You can also wire your contribution to the Eastern European Mission Verein in Vienna, Austria:

Eastern European Mission Verein
IBAN: AT71 3200 0000 0860 0280