Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies
Cookies make it possible for you to place an order on our website and they help us make the website more user-friendly. Our website is fully functional only when you allow cookies.

Cookies are small files that are sent to your device and stored there for a variety of purposes. While things can get very technical when it comes to cookies, we want to keep it as simple and understandable as possible for users like you.


  • Essential cookies are needed so that the website can function properly while non-essential cookies are optional and used typically for analytics or marketing purposes.
  • Session cookies are cookies that are stored in your computer only as long as you keep the browser open while persistent cookies typically expire after a set period of time (unless they are removed manually by the user).
  • First-party cookies are placed on your device by our website domain while third-party cookies come from a service outside our domain.

Blocking Cookies

From the time you land on our website, we give you the opportunity to adjust your cookie preferences. You can also block cookies by adjusting the settings in your browser. And you can also delete cookies manually by clearing your browser’s cache. (Here is how you can do this in Chrome, Firefox, Safari.) For more information, we’d like to encourage you to have a look at All About Cookies.

Essential Cookies

The following essential cookies are used on our website:

First-partyPersistent(30 days)EEM_COOKIE_CONSENTRecognizes if you agree to our use of cookies
First-partyPersistent(24 hours)_icl_visitor_lang_js
Remembering your language preference when viewing the website 

Non-Essential Cookies

The following is the list of functional cookies used by our website. These are not essential, but they still help us make sure that the website works as designed and that all services are available to you: 

First-partySessionthemify-search-optionRemembers your input when you use the search function or fill out a form that spans several pages

We use Google Analytics on our website. This helps us understand how you use our website so we can continue to improve your user experience. Google Analytics uses the following persistent cookies:

First-party24 hours_gidHelps us analyze user behavior
First-party24 hoursSSIDSame as above
First-party90 daysSIDCCSame as above
First-party2 yearsSIDSame as above
First-party2 yearsSAPISIDSame as above
First-party2 weeksOTZSame as above
First-party2 weeksOGPSame as above
First-party6 monthsNIDSame as above
First-party24 hoursHSIDSame as above
First-party2 yearsAPISIDSame as above
First-party18 monthsANIDSame as above
First-party30 days1P_JARSame as above
First-party2 years_gmb_ga_testSame as above
First-party2 years_gaSame as above

This Cookie Policy was last updated on December 15, 2022.