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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service supplement the Terms of Use pertaining to our website, www.eemgreece.org, with regard to any orders placed through our web store and our fulfillment of any such orders. The Terms of Service are not a stand-alone document but an inseparable part of our general Terms of Use. By accepting these Terms of Service you agree to be bound by, and comply with, our Terms of Use, our Cookie Policy, and our Privacy Policy.

These Terms of Service are effective from May 21, 2018.

If for any reason whatsoever you do not agree to these Terms of Service or do not wish to be bound by them, you must not place any orders on our website.

      1. You have to be at least 18 years of age to request our literature.
      2. You cannot place any orders on behalf of third parties (friends, relatives, etc.). Orders to multiple addresses from the same account will not be fulfilled.
      3. All orders are subject to approval on case-by-case basis by our staff.
      4. In order for us to be able to fulfill your request, you agree to provide us with the necessary personal data. We will treat this personal data in a manner described in our Privacy Policy.
      1. We offer our products free of charge. Each individual is allowed to order a limited quantity of each product (usually one copy per book).
      2. Product availability may further be subject to geographical restrictions. We ship our literature only to addresses within the territory of Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe (including all of Russia and the countries of the former USSR) corresponding roughly to the area of the former Communist bloc. Additional geographical restrictions may apply to some materials.
      3. All materials that we offer are subject to availability.
      1. The copyright in our Terms of Use is either owned by, or licensed to, us and is protected by copyright laws around the world and copyright protection software. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, all intellectual property rights in this document and elsewhere on our website, including any content on our website, are reserved.
      2. The Terms of Use are based on a General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016-769) (“GDPR”) compliant template provided by GDPR Privacy Policy. For further information, please visit www.gdprprivacypolicy.org.
      3. Where we display the GDPR Privacy Policy logo on our website, this is used to indicate that we have adopted a privacy policy template provided by GDPR Privacy Policy as the basis for this Privacy Policy.

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